Dear Susan,

I wanted to thank you so very much for these incredible photos. They are simply spectacular! I’m thrilled to have them and appreciate you getting these to me so quickly! You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re so grateful we decided to do photos in Tuscany!

Thank you again!


Allison Nelson, Miami

Dear Susan, 

We finally got the book and we absolutely adore it. Thank you so much for your work. The images you managed to capture are truly beautiful, simple, and grasp the spirit of our family.
We will treasure them forever.
Thank you thank you thank you. I will definetely recommend you to all of my friends. 


Nino and Francesca Tronchetti Provera -  Milan


You captured perfection perfectly, Susan ! Thank you thank you thank you, your shoot was spectacular and I definitely would love to work with you again. You are super special!

Have a beautiful week,

Nicola Middleton

Hey Susan,

 thanks for those amazing party pictures!  We absolutely love them! 

Mario & Carina Gòmez  - Germany

Dear Susan,

I have been meaning to write and thank you for your warm presence during our weekend celebrations In Florence.

I just received the first batch of photos and want to thank you so much for capturing the many beautiful moments of friendship and love.

I am so grateful that you gave up your U2 tickets to be with us!

I really hope to see you again.

With warm regards and sincere thanks,

Atalanti Moquette- Geneva

Dear Susan!

Yesterday we got our wedding book. I can't describe in words how beautiful it is.

Today I was hastening back home to look through it again. Thank you for that happy moment in our life and your help in it's creation.

All the best,

Olga and Joakim- St. Petersburg

Hello Susan!!

The pictures are superb!!!! So beautiful, so elegant, so well thought after!!!


Ulric & Gabriella Jèrome  - Paris

Dear Susan,
the book and pictures are amazing! Your pictures not only tell the storyof our vacation in Sardegna but it shows exactly who we are as family and friends. Thanks for getting that.

Roberto Chagas - Brazil

Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for being my photographer!!!! The pictures are looking great, everything is amazing!!

I couldn't wish to have a better photographer! I will never forget!! I am so lucky that I found you!!

I like to thank you and your daughter for being so kind and for doing such a great job, beautiful pictures!!

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,

Isabel de Bueno Vidigal

Quanto vorrei avere il tuo talento per poter fotografare ogni cosa! 

Marco Donadel

Ciao Susan,

sono Daniele, l'art director dell'agenzia Claim che ha curato il servizio per Brumotti.

Volevo farti i complimenti per le foto, sono davvero stupende. Abbiamo fatto un ottimo lavoro, e gran parte del merito è tuo.

E' stato una piacevole collaborazione, ho apprezzato molto la tua professionalità, la disponibilità  e lo spirito di squadra.

Ciao e buon lavoro!


Dear Susan!

We just read your email on a little phone (we don't have wifi here) but what we saw was so wonderful! We cannot believe how you captured the atmosphere, the love between people, the beauty of the location and all the details. Thank you for everything, for your kind talent, your smiley presence. We cannot wait to get back to a computer! We will be in touch in just a few days.
Yours Truly,

Ciao Susan, ho appena ricevuto il nuovo catalogo dalla tipografia, è come sempre un lavoro bellissimo, qui è piaciuto molto a tutti. Lavorare con te è sempre un piacere, sei un'ottima professionista oltre che una cara amica.

Un bacio grande.
Susanna   (Amelie Rêveur)

C'e' un momento che tutti noi vorremmo evitare: quello in cui un'amica ti inchioda di fronte a un album con le foto delle sue nozze. Una dopo l’altra immagini scontate degli sposi, dei paggetti, della serie infinita dei parenti che sorridono impalati davanti alla macchina fotografica. Il problema non si pone se l'album e' firmato da te, Susan, sei fotografa per passione, che non ha bisogno di immagini posate. Al nostro matrimonio sei riuscita a rubare i momenti più' belli e gli slanci più' spontanei. Il nostro libro è meraviglioso, una vera emozione, dalla prima all'ultima pagina. Un grande sollievo, poi, per parenti e amici! Grazie Susan!

 Emanuela & Ferrante Ferrero

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scott,

I would like to introduce you to my favorite and in my opinion best photographer in town:

 Susan Mariani, she has worked for the most exclusive Weddings at  The Four Seasons Hotel  and in Italy with outstanding results.

Please have a look at her fabulous work in the web site and feel free to contact her via e-mail to ask for any questions.

I also suggest that if you like her work, you should reserve her asap....

Warmest regards,

Elisa Peroli

Catering manager

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Ciao Susan,

ho sfogliato adesso il tuo meraviglioso libro!
Sei bravissima, hai saputo cogliere quei stupendi istanti di gioia, emozioni e amicizia, che grazie a te rimarranno indelebili nel tempo!
Insomma, sei stata eccellente!
Ti abbraccio con amicizia,

Susan! Grazie!

Your beautiful photos captured our family's loving spirit!  I love all of the moments and seeing our smiles and little expressions of love. We are interested in your family book as well as blowing a few up for artwork in our home. 

We will be in touch with our favorites after your vacation and when we get home. Grazie!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Angela Santomero , Connecticut

Susan, sei bravissima!

Vittorio Brumotti

L'eleganza e la pulizia delle tue immagini ti rendono un interprete molto speciale !

Anna Lebole

TEXTURA  s.p.a.

Hallo Susan,

Wir schauen gerade unsere Hochzeitsbilder von Dir an…wir brechen in Tränen aus, der helle Wahnsinn!!….

….guten morgen Susan, bis tief in die Nacht haben wir die Fotos angeschaut. Nur schön. Vielen vielen Dank, du hast uns eine sooo grosse Freude bereitet. Bist für uns die beste Fotografin!

Sandra & Mauro, Zurigo

Liebste Susan,

Wolfgang und ich sind nicht nur begeistert, sondern tief bewegt von Deinen wunderbaren Bildern..!
eins schöner als das andere, unbeschreiblich schön, sie strahlen förmlich vor Tiefe, Licht und Emotionen !!!
Sie werden uns immer wieder an einen unvergesslichen Tag in unserem Leben mit Freude an diese schönen Stunden zurück denken lassen..

Danke, Danke, Danke... :) :) :)

Andrea und Wolfgang Quant - Düsseldorf

Dear Susan,
finally I had a chance to see the photobook  you created for us.
It is fantastic! I'm so grateful to you. I wish I had a book like that for different periods of my life!!!
Thank you so much.
Best regards,
Nadia  - St. Petersburg